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We intend that every customer receives 100% satisfaction with the work we deliver. Our products are one hundred percent original, and we ensure that you achieve proper academic satisfaction.

Sometimes, the customer might not be happy with the final product, and has set up a revision policy. When requesting for revision, the following should be taken into consideration: 

  • Your revision order and instructions shouldn’t deviate from the original instructions of the order. i.e. if your original order specified the use of 5 references, and your revision order requests for 6 references, this is a deviation. An additional charge might be asked for the review process. You can contact the Support Team to discuss your revision costs.
  • When the instructions are similar to your original order and the revision request is viable, our professional writers will revise the orders without any additional charges.
  • You can make the revision request within 7 days after you receive your order. When the revision order request is received after 7-days, an additional charge will be made. You can contact our Support Team representatives so that you can discuss the details with regards to the charges.
  • The customer has rights to request for another writer, who is different from the original assigned writer. He/she will complete the revision assignments on your behalf. is excited to comply with the requests we receive from our customers. Our customers’ satisfaction is the reason we exist for our clients. We will revise the orders until complete satisfaction gets achieved. aims to provide high-quality academic assistance to its customers. You will receive free unlimited revisions when your request order meets the following conditions: 

  • The customers’ revision instructions shouldn’t be contradictory to the initial requirements of the order. When our quality assurance team determines that you have deferred from your instructions the revision request is discarded. Also, an additional charge may be implemented once the revision request gets completed.
  • As a customer when you want to make a revision order, you should send the revision request through contacting our Customer Support Team. You can make a request via communication channels such as chat, phone, or email. Kindly note that all your revision orders and comments are accepted in the written form only. Do this 7 days after you approve your final order. When the paper is longer than 20 pages, the revision request can be submitted within 14days after you approve the order.
  • When as the customer you aren’t satisfied with the final product after downloading it, you can send the revision request back to us, through our Support Team department. will provide you with free revisions as long as they meet the revision terms above.
  • When you have additional requirements for your orders that require extra pages, your order should have clear instructions about the changes you want made in the assignment. When you request for the additional pages, you can also request for a new order. You can also request for a new order when the revision period has expired, or you can make the additional payments for the pages reviewed.
  • When you have approved the product, and later on you realize that you need to revise it. has set up timelines which you can make your revision requests within the period, time, term. They include: 
  1. Seven days deadline- For orders which are less than 20 pages
  2. 14 days deadline-For orders which are more than 20 pages.

When you need to request for a free revision, simply contact our customer support team, with your instructions within the deadline dates. When the deadline passes, you can no longer ask for free revision. You can also place your order for editing and proofreading services offered by

Kindly note that once the deadline period has passed after you receive the final version, you will have to make a new order request. You can also pay for the additional charges incurred in the revision process. The following circumstances warrant additional charges to be made with regards to the revision process. They include: 

  • When the order instructions change after the writer has started working on the papers.
  • When a customer receives feedback and comments from their lecturers and professors, and the comments warrant a change in the original order instructions.
  • When new information is added to the order and additional pages are also required to complete the order. Our quality assurance will evaluate the request and consult with the writers with regards to the number of pages needed. This is as per the additional instructions and feedback that you have received from your instructors.
  • When the customer mistakenly sends the wrong instructions, and the writer has already started working on the papers. When you fail to inform within 2 hours through our support team, additional charges and payments will be required.

Additional charges will also be required if the specific sources that you have outlined in your order cannot be found online for free. As a customer, will buy the sources, and use them for your orders at an additional cost. When you neglect to respond to your assigned writers’ queries over the sources on time, the writer will use the resources available to him or her. The additional sources which you send to us is considered additional information, and the revisions will be charged for accordingly. 

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