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How It Works

This is how the ordering process works. Follow the following instructions, and you won’t be frustrated or disappointed. The ordering process will take you very few minutes to complete. They include:

Place your Order

Once you visit the website, you can navigate to the order page on our site. Once you can view the order form, provide the details for the assignment. The more details you provide us with regards to your assignments, the more you will receive exactly what you want for your assignments. Once the assigned writer begins to work on the order, it will be difficult to change the parameters of your order without incurring additional costs. You should also remember to provide the correct contact information which our support team can reach you.

Proceed to Payment

The countdown immediately begins the moment your payment is received by Your order will become visible to your assigned writer, and he/she will begin the work immediately. To confirm the payment for your order, the billing department might contact you for verification purposes. This is necessary so as to protect our customers from cyber crime, and online fraud.

The Communication Procedures

Email Confirmation has policies which customers and staff must adhere to. As a customer you should confirm through the link that we send to your email that you have made an order. The verification through this link provides us with an automatic order number that represents your identity.  

Access Your Personal Account

As a customer, log into your personal account any time that you wish to do so. Our services are operational for 24hours every day. When you have additional information to give your writers, you can provide them through your account. When your assigned writers have additional questions for you, they will ask you through your personal account. Kindly check your account, and also your email as often as possible. This ensures that the communication lines remain open between you and your assigned writers. When the review is urgent, your assigned writer will continue to remain online, and will check in with you, every hour or so.

Receive and Download Your Order

When the deadline is approaching, you should check your email often. You will receive a message and confirmation link to your account. Thereafter, you can proceed to download your final order. When you experience problems with downloading the document from your account, we will send it to you as an email attachment.

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