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Anyone who places an order with consents to abide by the following terms:

  1. Product Use- We are a writing company that helps students in writing by providing samples to be used for reference rather than fully complete papers to be submitted. We, therefore, do not encourage or even support the submission of the papers we deliver as the clients on work.
  2. Client Contact Details- we ask our customers to provide us with precise and accurate contact data through which can reach them. We can’t be held accountable for delayed deliveries because the client failed to provide clear contacts.
  3. Cancelling of Orders- once an order is confirmed and assigned to a writer, cancelling it will only get a client a partial return. This will be calculated by the customer support based on the writer’s progress on the order. The client may as well save the money with us and use for the next order.
  4. Resources Used- the writers in will use the materials available to the when researching your topics. The client can, however, direct the writer on the resources that he or she wants to be used in the research by simply sending them to the client through your account page at In case the materials need to be bought, can acquire them for the client though this will come at a further cost.
  5. Order Instructions- when placing an order, the client is requested to give clear instructions and specifications to our writers. If the final product that you get does not fully cover these instructions, you can always request for free revisions from the same or a different writer.  Nonetheless, failing to provide clear specifications at the initial order process lifts off any liabilities if the final product is not what you were expecting. In such an instant, paid revisions will help you make the necessary adjustments to your paper.
  6. Originality- we pledge to give you 100% original paper. The paper will have absolutely 0% plagiarism. Conversely, if, for any cause, you suspect that any fragment of your paper has been copied, you can request that we review it. The review will no cost you any extra charge, and it will entirely be on us.
  7. Technicalities Arising- does not take blames for delayed deliveries due to electronic and technical issues on the customer's end. Such concerns may include but will not be limited to problems with the client’s Internet, client system failures, electronic and technical hitches in the customer’s devices or accounts.

Our services are highly professional, and we promise to offer our customer stunning papers at all times. Our products will help you improve your academic performance and foster success in your education. We are utterly grateful that you have picked us to help you in your writing endeavors. Questions, observations and concerns are welcome and can be forwarded to us by filling the contact form below.

Customer Acknowledgement

When you place an order at, you consent that you have fully read and comprehended our terms and conditions and that you’ll be bound to our user agreement. In case a customer needs any form of certification, this can be accomplished by sending in a formal request via email. The products and services in are entirely for reference purposes only. does not in any way assure that they’ll influence your performance and grades.

Payment Agreement

Accepting terms and conditions in our user agreement allows our company to charge your account or credit card the over-all cost of your order

Cancellation of Orders

Cancelling an order can be achieved by sending our customer support a request via email. This is should be preferably done before the order has been given to a writer. Violating our agreement may give, the right to deny you the cancellation.

Delivery Deadlines and Delays assures you that you will receive your order within the time specifications that you give us. We are not accountable for a delay in the following instances.

  1. Delayed Verification- before we can process your order we require that your billing information is verified. If you do not send us the accurate info that we require in good time, a delay may arise with the delivery of your order.
  2. Unresponsiveness to Communication- a customer should regularly check for communication from our support team or the writer. Such communication will be via email or through our messaging system. Such communication will constitute any clarifications on various aspects of your order, and not responding to it will be viewed as client negligence.
  3. Unavailability through the Phone- you should give, a working and reachable phone number through which you can be contacted if the need arises.
  4. Altering the Initial Instructions- changing the initial specifications that you provide will not be covered in the initial order arrangements and will be viewed as editing. This is a totally different service provided by for which the client should pay. It’ll additionally have an upshot on the initial deadline extension.
  5. Delayed Provision of Sources- when placing your initial order, it is advisable that you give the writer all the resources that he or she will need for him or her to complete your order. The sending of thee resources should be within:
  • The first 8 hours for 48hour to 14-day orders
  • The first 1 hour for 12 to 24-hour orders
  • Within the first 30 minutes for 12-hour orders
  1. Picking the Wrong Academic Level- when you place your order, you are advised to match it with the most appropriate level of academic writing for the order. Changing the academic level later may affect the cost of the order in addition to causing delays.
  2. Delayed Payment- before work on the order can commence, you are required to pay the complete cost. Failing to do this in good time may culminate in delayed delivery.

In case of an interruption, our customer support department should be contacted, and a price recalculation will be effected to compensate the delay. The client can then ask for a partial refund or save the sum to be used in the next order that he or she places.

Legal Tender

Our customers are responsible for the upholding of the law in their state, country or region. This pertains to purchase and acquisition of online academic writings and use of related services.

Cyber-crime including use of stolen credit cards are not condoned in and will be reported to the authorities immediately. When you receive our product, you agree that you will use entirely as a reference material and not in any other phone.

            The privacy of our clients is well protected, and respected. uses cookies only with the express permission of the client. The customer can adjust his or her browser to not accept cookies. has the right to send its clients notifications on discounts, offers, promotions and other useful information available. The client may nonetheless unsubscribe from our mailing list.

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